Lineage LLC


Not any contractor can be trusted to come into your facility for construction activities.  Lineage has developed an experience level so that you can feel confident with your choice of contractor.  Consider Lineage for your next plant modification project.

Grass Roots Construction

Plant Modification

Compressor Stations, Cryogenic Process Plants or Municipal Water Treatment Plants.  Lineage has the knowledge, experience and assets required to build your facilities from the ground up.  

​Site Preparation

Building on a good foundation is not just a cliche, it's a fact.  Lineage has the knowledge and capabilities to build a sound pad for your stations and plants.  Check with us for free quotes and advice on your next site pad.

Grass Roots Construction


Plant Modifications

Site Preparation

We believe that Quality is a result of attention to detail.  We build your stations and plants right the first time and our experienced construction managers will help you with print errors that would otherwise result in extra work.  If we see a potential issue, we will bring it to your attention before the work is completed. 

Instrumentation Technicians

Let Lineage provide your instrumentation services.  Our technicians have the experience you need to properly set up your compressor station.  

Our Promise